when you spend time with somebody, over time, you will notice things that you dislike about the person. The same rule applies to virtually every other thing in life with Coin Master being no exception.

Constant playing of Coin Master mobile game, I have come to dislike some things about the game. Make no mistake, this is a ‘constructive criticism’. In life, you can’t like everything about ‘somebody’ or ‘something’. There are certain parts you would wish was there or present.

So, today, we are taking a deeper look at Coin Master and highlighting some of the things that we wish was not present in the game.

Coin Master Android Game: 3 Things I Wish Was Not There or Could be Improved Upon

coin master android game

So, without any further rambling, here are the top three things most of us (if not all) wish was never there or at least improved upon.

Limited Number of Shield

Perhaps one of the most annoying and disappointing things about Coin Master the Shield issue.

The maximum number of shield players can have is three. Once you have earned three shields, any others earned becomes invalid. However, your total spin value will be converted and added to your overall available spins.

To me, this is totally unfair.

Players should be allowed the luxury of stacking up as many shields as they can get. That way, they can protect themselves against the inevitable future attacks.

But sadly, the maximum shields that you as a player can have is three. After that, you have to constantly monitor your town to confirm that it’s still under protection.

However, some Coin Master players have come up with a cool Coin Master hack that provides a work-around the issue. However, that is not within the scope of today’s article. Maybe, just maybe, we may focus on the ‘work around’ in future articles. That’s if the developer doesn’t do something about the current maximum allowable number of shields.

Coin Stealing When Shield is Active

Check this out!

You shield is active and you have maxed out the maximum allowable number of shields (three).

Your stock of coins is currently at say; seven million. You are tirelessly utilizing the Coin Master free spins to earn more coins. Coins just enough to complete your community development.

Then suddenly your Coin Master game screen shakes and the dreaded message flashes; six million worth of your coins have been stolen!

I bet, each of us have had his or her unique fair share experiences of the above illustration.

The protection should not only be for the protection of the community from external attacks. The shield protective effect should extend to cover our resources as well.

What good is there to have three shield and yet, you can’t have a peace of mind about your resource’s safety? You must constantly worry about the possibilities of your coins being stolen.

For once, the developers can lessen our worries by extending the protective cover of the shields to our resources.

That way, I would concentrate on spinning the wheel to earn more coins rather than being vigilant.

Internet Connection

If you have played Coin Master before, then you obviously know that your device needs to be hook up to the internet. That means that without an active internet, you can’t have access to the game.

Although the internet connection is not much of a deal breaker, it certainly annoys people occasionally. Especially, when you are eager to login and survey your town’s current health condition. And then the ‘error in connection’ in connection message comes up.

Also, the ‘active internet’ condition makes Coins Master not a suitable game for every potential fan. Partly because not everybody have constant direct access to the internet.


Despite the shortcomings highlighted above, Coin Master remains and will likely remain one of my favorite Android games. The thrill of destroying other people’s villages and raiding their resources is second to none.

However, there are still room for tremendous improvements. Hopefully, the highlights contained in the above paragraphs will spur the developers into action.


How did you view the shortcomings listed above?

Are there things we left out which you do like to see included?

Let us know your thoughts, comments and opinion about the things you bug you in Coin Master via the comment section below.