Coin master is one of the best Android games currently trending. To help our fans get the best from the game, we have shared a few comprehensive guides. Our most recent was how to utilize free coin master hack. Today is no exception.

We will be sharing some of the best coin master practices that you should be observing. The best practices will ensure that your town is secured, maximum coins are earned coupled with coin master free spins.

With that said and out of the way, let’s get started

Coin Master Best Practices

The moment is here. The moment to take your coin master gaming adventures to the next level. The following ‘best practices’ should successfully boost your points in the game.

Avoid Saving Coins for too Long

coin master best practicesIt is a good practice to save up plenty coins. Then use the saved coins to build your city, however, excessive savings could be harmful. Don’t believe us? Well, allow us to demonstrate how excessive coins savings can be a practice in Coin Master game.

Remember the ‘raid’ option as one of the outcomes from activating coin master free spins? For those that have forgotten, permit me to refresh your memory.

The ‘raid’ option gives other players the opportunity and the authority to legally raid your town. In the course of town raiding, they are given three chances to steal your available coins.

Now imagine, you had saved up to ten million coins, the whole ten thousand coins could disappear instantly. “Lisa just stole nine million worth of your coins” message appears on your screen after a successful raid. As a result of the raid, your coins drops from ten million to one million. How would you feel? Pretty outrageous right?

Staying Away offline too Long

The danger of saving up coins is still looming.

How do you guarantee your town and resources safety when you are offline?

Anybody could argue that your shield would protect your town and resources. Well, that’s true only to an extent. Remember that shield doesn’t last a lifetime? Repeated attacks on your community will eventually destroy all your shields leaving your town vulnerable.

When your shields eventually wear off, your town and resources will be naked and open to external attacks. And it won’t be long before your coins are completely stolen.

To this end, ensure that you use up all your coins before logging off from coin master. That way, you leave nothing to chance.

The Reward Multiplier: Don’t be Conservative

Reward multiplier remains one of our most loved features of Coin Master game. Reward multiplier was discussed in our most loved coin master features article published earlier.

Well, today we are still going to elaborate on the reward multiplier.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a moment and learn about the reward multiplier coin master feature.

Reward Multiplier: What is it and how is it used?

The reward multiplier allows players to get double of their rewards. The multiplied rewards depend on the number pre-fixed. Depending on your current level, x2……x80 are the available numbers used in multiplying rewards at any given time.

Some players usually tow the conservative approach. While the ‘conservative’ approach may be a good practice, it will not deliver the full potential of each spins.

Aside enjoying the full potential of each spin, the attack challenge will also be super slow to complete.

We don’t advise going crazy with the reward multiplier. Start small and have a feel of how it works. Then you can slowly work your way to higher numbers.

From experience, I have personally found the number 10 be a sweet spot. Every coins earned are multiplied by ten. Imagine raiding a community and making away with five million worth of coins. Applying the x10 reward effect will land you with a total of fifty million worth of coins. Impressive right?

Well, wait are you waiting for? Start spinning and doubling your coin master rewards now.