After playing coin master for a long time, there are certain things that I have come to love about the game. In our last blog entry, the top three most dreaded things about coin master game was our focus. Just in case you have not seen that article, you should definitely go, check it out. To that end, it is only fair that we do a follow-up on that post. So, here is the follow-up; the things that we love about the coin master game.

Coin Master Game: The Top Three Things We all Love

So, without wasting your precious time, here they are; the things that coin master players love most.

Auto Spin Function: Automate Your Spinning Task

The auto spin is a super cool feature in the Coin Master game. perhaps, it can also be considered as ‘creative’. Well, more on that later.

game of coin masterTo earn coins, collect coin master free spins and other resources in the game, you must repeatedly spin the wheel. The wheel of ‘fortune’ is what I call it. I don’t know about what other people call it. That means that players have an un-ending task of always spinning the wheel for every resource they seek to earn.

Now, to spin the wheel, you must click on the ‘spin’ button and then watch the wheel rotates for few seconds. Then it finally comes to a stop reveal what you have earned.

The take-away is that; you have an unending spinning task. Imagine having one thousand free spins, that means you must click the ‘spin’ button one thousand times.

Pretty tiring isn’t it?

I will agree with you on this one. I have been there, done that and I can confidently confirm that it’s ‘pretty tiring’.

Wait! There is good news.

What if I told you that there is a fix around the pretty tiring issue with coin master? A fix that allows you to automate the whole ‘tiring’ spinning issue. in fact, I call it the perfect coin master hack.

Say hello to Coin Master auto spinner!

The coin master auto spinner allows you automate the process of clicking the ‘spin’ button every time. However, the feature is not available and active when playing the game for the first time. You must reach a certain level before you can unlock the auto-spin feature.

Once unlocked, the auto-spinner must be activated. Don’t panic, the activation process is easy and convenient. In fact, long pressing the ‘spin’ button for three seconds is all you must do. After three seconds, the color of the ‘spin’ text on the button changes to black. That’s how you know that the auto-spin function has successfully been activated. With the feature activated, you can rest fingers or better still, engage in other productive tasks.

The Reward Multiplier

Second on our list of things that we love about coin master is the reward multiplier.

The reward multiplier takes your reward and multiplies it to the number you choose. Usually, and also depending on your current level, you have a number multiplier options. X2, ….x80 are the multiplier effect that you can set at a time.

Before you rush off to activate the reward multiplier, know that the number chosen will be the number of free spins subtracted from your available spins. So, chose wisely.

The Daily Coin Bonus

The last but definitely not the least of the three things likeable about coin master is the daily coin bonus. We all know the importance of coins in the game. We need them to buy resources and equipment necessary for town building and development completion.

The coin daily bonuses allow us to win extra coins.

It will excite you to learn that you can win up to five hundred million worth of coins in the daily coin bonus treats.

Simply swipe your screen upward to access the daily coin bonus wheel. Then, click on the button to get started.